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This ACNH May Day guide features all the details about the event including the date(s), activities, and any new characters, and rewards that are introduced.

May Day was announced to be a short spring event. The event lasts from May 1st to May 7th, and will be part of the 1.2.0a Patch Update. A bulletin board post will remind players a few days before the event begins.

During the May Day Event, head to the Resident Services building and speak to Tom Nook to learn about a themed May Day Ticket that can be used at the airport. Unlike Nook Miles Tickets, this ticket will allow you to travel to a special themed island that cannot be accessed normally.

Once you’ve talked to Tom Nook, head to the airport and you’ll find that Orville is holding a special May Day Ticket with your name on it! When speaking with him, be sure to ask to use that ticket to fly.

Note that due to the nature of the island, you will not be able to bring any items, resources, or tools with you.

The May Day Island Tour is a specially crafted maze that takes up the entire space of the main island (excluding beaches), and rocks will prevent you from accessing anything but the main part of the island.

Since you will not have access to your own tools, your objective is to reach Rover on the other side of the island by navigating the winding maze and looking for items to help you progress past barriers. There are also special prizes waiting at the end for those who use items wisely! Read the step-by-step guide or view the slideshow below for information on how to complete the maze, and access hidden rewards!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Rover’s May Day Maze Guide


  1. Grab the Shovel
  2. Ignore the bottom row of shrubs, and instead dig the shrub up to the left of the tree, and grab 1 fruit.
  3. Eat the fruit and dig up the first tree.
  4. Head up to jump two small gaps, then take a left across another small gap to find 1 Tree Branch.
  5. Head down and right across two gaps to a series of holes with 3 tree branches, 1 stone, and a Worn Axe. The axe can only be used three times before it breaks, so don’t use it in the wrong place!
  6. With the Worn Axe, jump back across the gap going up and left to the top left corner of the maze, where a tree blocks you from reaching a Tree Branch and two Fruit.
  7. Chop the tree down (your Axe will break), and collect 1 Tree Branch and 2 Fruit. Head right from where the tree was to the right side of the map to collect 3 Wood.
  8. Head back to the top left side of the maze, go down and right to the section where you collected three branches, and jump down across the left-most gap, then hop left to find a rock.
  9. Eat one of the two fruits, and break the rock with your Shovel, and collect 1 Iron Nugget on the other side. Do not waste your last fruit to dig up the tree here! You should have one fruit left.
  10. Instead, head back right, up, and left across a gap until you reach the middle of the maze, and jump right across the three gaps to reach another rock.
  11. Use the second Fruit to break the rock, then move down and grab 1 Fruit below it. You can use that fruit to dig up the tree at the bottom, which will let you reach the DIY Workbench.
  12. Craft a Flimsy Axe with the 5 Tree Branches and 1 Stone, and then an Axe with the 3 Wood and 1 Iron Nugget. You’ll need the upgraded Axe to progress!
  13. Return to the middle of the maze and chop down the tree to the left that blocks your access to 2 Fruit. Do not eat them yet!
  14. Move right across the three gaps, go up to the top right corner where you collected the wood, and then cross to the left side of the maze. Once at the top left side of the maze, move down and then right to return to where the row of three gaps are, and hop down across the left-most gap to get back to where you found the Iron Nugget.
  15. Now you can chop down this tree with your axe, and move up to gain another Fruit. You should now have three fruit in your inventory.
  16. Move up across the gap to find three trees in a row. If you want extra rewards do NOT eat the fruit yet, and chop the three trees down with your Axe. This path will now lead to Rover! Talk to him, and he’ll reward you with the Rover‘s Briefcase item!
  17. To the left of Rover, look for some shrubs, and dig up the one on the left to reach 4 Bells Vouchers.
  18. Finally, instead of exiting the area via the bottom right, dig up the shrubs above the Bell Vouchers to find another path going around the top left and down to the bottom left. Here you will find 3 rocks that can only be broken with the 3 Fruit you collected earlier – as long as you didn’t use them to dig up the last three trees. This allows you to access 5 more Bell Vouchers!
  19. Dig up the shrubs along the bottom to get back to the start.

Once you’ve wrapped up, speak to Wilbur and he’ll transport all your prizes to mail back home for you – so they don’t get lost in the shuffle of getting your old items back.

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