Meteorfall: Journey Gets a New Hero Two Years After Launch

Meteorfall: Journey, the roguelike deckbuilder, has just received a surprise new character a whole two years following its original launch.

It’s Varfa, a ranger hero who is actually more like three heroes rolled into one. She has three different skins and each features a different play style.

Meteorfall: Journey’s New Hero Features Three Different Animal Companions

That’s down to her three different companions, Orhu, Caw, and Bongo. Overall, their goal is to defeat the Uberlich.

Varfa brings with her a total of 30 new cards, which should provide a good few hours of fun.

If you haven’t played Meteorfall: Journey, now’s an excellent time to get started. If you have, the new character should keep you busy for a while. Either way, grab the game or update from Google Play right now.

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