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The enemy called Mezuki is located at the end of The Village of Cursed Blossoms main mission, and is the first boss encountered in Nioh 2.

A Yokai-horned, horse headed humanoid creature, the Mezuki is a good early test of your skills thus far. In terms of weapon, he wields a massive cleaver in his right arm that you can guarantee will be swung your way, but this isn’t his only means of attacking.

In general, you’re wanting to avoid the heavy swings and slams, and look for the times he attempts to use a Burst Attack, and punishing him for it. The swings are massive so it can be challenging to avoid everything, but use your objects in the field effectively, creating distance when needed.

Make sure to use other elements at your disposal too. Don’t forget your Soul Core attacks and Yokai Shift ability, especially when he transports you to the Yokai Realm. Some fast and heavy damage will make it all the quicker to get out of it if you can stagger him.

Close Range Attacks[edit]

  • He will swing his blade around counterclockwise in a large horizontal slash. Dodge through this or back up to avoid. He can follow this attack up with a slash the opposite direction, and then another the same direction as swing 1 creating a visceral three swipe combo. This makes this attack fairly unpredictable because you can have 1 2 or 3 swings in the combo.
  • A single swipe of his left arm, mostly used to gain space from an aggressive player.
  • If you find yourself attacking from behind Mezuki, he can buck backwards in an unexpected attack.

Burst Attacks[edit]

  • Burst of red light, followed by three consecutive vertical slams of his axe as he moves straight ahead. The best counter for this is of course the Burst Counter, but if you can’t get that, dodge to either side. Getting hit with all three is likely a death.
  • A burst of red light, and then Mizuki will charge forward on all fours trying to mow you down. This is perhaps the easier of the two to Burst Counter.


  • A red burst of light followed be a single deliberate slam of the cleaver, sometimes accompanied with a jump beforehand.

Ranged Attacks[edit]

  • He can summon tracking ghost-like faces that when they hit you, drain your Health a bit and your Ki a heck of a lot. If they miss you and hit the ground, they create Yokai Realm pools that you can of course remove with a Ki pulse.

Grab Attacks[edit]

  • His left arm will envelop itself in smoke before he reaches immediately in front of him. If it connects, he picks you up and saws through you with the cleaver. Dodge right to avoid this.

Yokai Realm Transition[edit]

About halfway through the fight, Mezuki will summon you both into the Yokai Realm, forcing you to manage your Ki more carefully. His moves don’t change during this phase much, but he gets generally faster in all of them, forcing you to switch up your timing a bit.

The one new move that is added is another Ranged attack in which he can send two lines of shockwaves at you from afar, dodge either direction to avoid this.

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