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First introduced as Earth Day, this event was announced during the Nintendo Mini-Direct on March 26, 2020, and further shown in an update video on April 21st. The event lasts from April 23rd to May 4th, and will be part of the 1.2.0 Patch Update.

The event coincides with the arrival of Leif the Sloth and his Garden Shop as another visiting merchant on your island, though Leif will continue to appear on your island after the event concludes. Leif will sell more types of flowers than are currently sold in your town, as well as shrubbery starters that can be grown into full-fledged bushes that can now decorate your island.

As part of the Nature Day Event, players will have access to new daily Nook Miles+ challenges themed around planting, wearing, giving, and maintaining plants for 5x the usual Nook Miles rewards. These challenge will appear with a green background and a leafy icon to denote their limited availability.

Note: Despite being centered around the Nature Day event, Leif may not appear on your island every single day, but seems to have a higher chance at showing up in the town plaza instead of characters like Mable, Kicks, and Labelle. Still, it may be best to stock up on shrubbery and flowers to complete activities on days he is not present!

Completing any of the Nook Miles+ Challenges will make you eligible for a special reward! Be sure to speak to Tom Nook in the Resident Services building, and he’ll teach you the Hedge DIY Recipe to make leafy fencing!


Known Nature Day Nook Miles+ Challenges includes:

  • Plant 3 Shrub Starters (200 x5 Nook Miles)
  • Wear a Flower (150 x5 Nook Miles)
  • Plant 3 of a Specific Flower Type (200 x5 Nook Miles)
  • Give or Mail 1 Flower as a Gift to a Villager (200 x5 Nook Miles)
  • Create a Flower Wreath (300 x5 Nook Miles)

Please note that unlike Bunny Day, there are no additional events or rewards given on the final day, May 4th, but it is the last day that you can earn extra miles from Nature Day activities.

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