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Welcome to the Ninja Attraction!

Your objective here is to enter the house in search of the mysterious green individual who allegedly stole the Master Key. Before going inside the house, go to the back-left corner of the courtyard to hit the ?-Block containing 1,000 coins.

Toad Rescue #1 ✓

  • Toad Rescue #1: In the courtyard of the Ninja Attraction, use the rocks on the left to reach the section of the roof next to the left of the building’s sign. Press and hold A to tear off the colorful tape and rescue the Toad.

Toad Rescue #2 ✓


  • Toad Rescue #2: Break the rock to the right of the entrance. Then, hammer the origami scarab under the rock to rescue the Toad.

Inside the House of Tricky Ninjas

The house is pretty much an obstacle course. The rooms are puzzles, and your goal is to find the 25 Ninjas within the house on your run. Finding all 25 Ninjas rewards you with Collectible Treasure No.51 Ninja Signs. After the introduction, the double doors open. Walk into the next room. There’s a black off-centered column on the back wall. Hammer the section of the wall to the right to reveal Ninja #1 and use the hallway it reveals to enter the next room.

On the left wall of the room, you can barely see a ?-Block containing a Tail item.

Second Room

There are seven Ninjas in this room. Once you’ve gotten all the Ninjas, walk up to the tapestry in the back wall and press A to reveal the exit.

  • Ninja #2: Hammer the lantern.
  • Ninja #3: Open the closet door on the right. Pull the cord inside the closet to reveal the Ninja.
  • Ninja #4: After revealing Ninja#3, go to the right side of the closet. Slide both doors to the right to reveal the Ninja.
  • Ninja #5: Stand on the platform in the center of the room. Repeatedly hammer the ash to make the Ninja appear.
  • Ninja #6: Walk to the chest at the front left corner of the room. Press A to open the chest. Then, pull the Ninja out of the chest.
  • Ninja #7: Open the double doors next to the chest.
  • Ninja #8: Pull the cord at the back-left corner to reveal the Ninja.

Third Room and Fighting Origami Ninjis

There are rectangular and square tatami mats in this large empty room. When you walk near the square mats, they’ll flip over. There are several square mats on the floor, but only five of them will have Ninjas. Check out the image below to see which mats contain Ninjas.

Underneath all of the mats are origami Ninjis! You can defeat the origami Ninjis without battling them by jumping on top of them. Do not use your Hammer! They will use a Ninja decoy technique every time you try to hit them with your Hammer. They’ll do this in and out of battles. Once you’ve found the five Ninjas (#9-13), go to the back right corner of the room. Hammer the back wall to access a secret hallway.

Hold on! Ninja #14 is in the secret hallway and very easy to miss. Walk to the back right corner of the secret hallway. There’s a cord that you have to pull to reveal Ninja#14. It’s hard to see because you’ll be behind the wall. Just walk around the back-right corner of the secret hallway until you see the prompt to press and hold A to pull. You’ll know you got the Ninja from the audio que, and you’ll be able to see it through the circular window. After finding Ninja#14, use the secret hallway to exit the area from the left side.

Maintenance and Luigi

When you make it out to the small garden area, don’t bother trying to chase the origami Ninjis. Instead, jump over the railing to reach the garden in the background. Repeatedly hammer the stone lantern next to the building to open a secret door. Then walk inside the building. Rescuing the two Toads in this room will give you 100% Completion!

Toad Rescue #3 ✓

  • Toad Rescue #3: Pull the Toad out from between the box on the front-right corner of the room.

Toad Rescue #4 ✓

  • Toad Rescue #4: Open the middle locker and tear off the tape to rescue the Toad.

Luigi Holds the Key

After rescuing the Toads, use the stairs at the back-left corner of the room to go to the area below. To rescue Luigi, fix the Not-Bottomless Hole next to him. Continue heading right. Jump to the area below and hammer the gear until it spins all the way to the right side. Go up to Luigi and Hammer him to get him back to normal and get the Master Key for the park! With the key in your possession, return to the garden by the maintenance office. Then, jump over the railing to get back on the bridge and continue your journey to the left.

Spikes and more Spikes

This next room has walls made of spikes that come out of the floor. Walk very slowly to navigate through this open maze. Your goal is to find all the Ninjas and make it to the exit. Five of the spiked walls have Ninjas (#15-19) on them. They’ll stay up after you trigger them. The spiked walls prevent you from reaching the exit in the center at the front of the room. You’ll need to make your way to the back-left corner of the room and hammer the damaged section of wall. Then, pull the cord to reveal the secret staircase and Ninja #20.

Hidden ?-Block: Stand on the off-colored square patch on the floor near the center of the back wall. Jump to reveal a Hidden ?-Block containing a Shiny Hurlhammer.

After find the five Ninjas as the spiked walls, revealing Ninja #20 and the stairs, jump up the stairs to reach the rafters above the room. Up here, you’ll find origami Scaredy Rats. You can defeat them without battling by jumping on them or using your hammer. Beware! If you walk or jump off the sides of the rafters, you’ll land on the floor below and will have to navigate through the spiked walls to reach the stairs again. From the top of the stairs, walk to the right to reach the Not-Bottomless Hole on the back wall. You’ll need to use the rafters to make your way to the front side of the room.

  • Ninja #21: Hammer the off-colored section of the rafter that’s on the left side wall near the stairs.
  • Ninja #22: Near the middle of the right wall there’s a damaged panel. Hammer the damaged panel to reveal the Ninja.

When you get to the rafters on the front side of the room, you’ll find some collectibles by going to the right. Jump onto the small section of rafters near the front-right corner of the room. Stand on the right edge and use your Hammer to reveal four Hidden ?-Blocks. Make sure to get all four of them to receive 100% completion on blocks hit.

  • Ninja #23: Use the bridge of blocks you made to reach the chest in the corner. Open the chest to reveal the Ninja.

After finding Ninja#23, walk over to the small gap in the rafter of the front wall. Drop through the small gap to land on the exit of the room below.

Room After the Spikes

The final two Ninjas are in this room. Ninja #24 is behind the door. The final Ninja takes a little more work. Go to the right side of the room and hammer the damaged part of the floor – near the front-right corner of the room. Doing this will cause the drawing on the back wall to reveal steps leading to the floor above. Hammer the drawer that’s sticking out of the final column on the right. Hammer the drawers as they move to the left until you gain Collectible Treasure No.50 Luigi. Then, Hammer the final remaining open drawer to reveal the final Ninja #25! Finding the Ninja hurts you slightly. There’s a battle coming up, so use a Mushroom if you need to heal and use the Save Block. Then go up the drawers to reach the next floor.

Final Room

When you make it up to the next room, walk toward the foreground to trigger the attack from the origami Ninjis. This is a wave battle with nothing but origami Ninjis. Remember not to use your Hammer to attack! After the battle, activate the Magic Circle to use the 1,000-Fold arms and grab the top-left corner of the Thwomp’s face. Pull the paper off to the right and run toward the foreground, always keeping Mario at the center of the screen.

Outta the House

After finishing the challenge and finding all 25 Ninjas, you’ll be rewarded with Collectible Treasure No.51 Ninja Signs. Exit the house through the front door. Once outside, Bob-omb will join your party again. Before leaving the Ninja Attraction, use the rocks on the left side of the courtyard to reach the roof above with the Toad. Walk over to the sign and wait for the moving shurikens to come close to you. Jump on the platform and ride it until you reach the building on the other side. Jump off the right side of the roof toward the chest in the background. Open the chest to gain Collectible Treasure No.52 Bob-omb. To get back to the courtyard, hammer the fence. If you followed along with this guide, you should now have 100% completion for every collectible in Ninja Attraction! Now exit the area to explore Shogun Studios with the Master Key.

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