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This page contains all known cheat codes that can be used in the Nintendo Switch Online version of Donkey Kong Country.

  • At the File Select screen, select “Erase Game”, and press: B, A, R, R, A, L and then select a save file.

In the Millstone Mayhem level of the Monkey Mines world, play as Diddy Kong at the start of the level and lure the first Krusha enemy toward the start of the level. Jump onto the platform above the entrance using the tire, and then slide down right as Krusha reaches the edge of the level to bounce into him continually, catching him in a loop where he can’t move – but continuous bouncing off an enemy will begin to earn you extra lives for as long as you continue bouncing off of him!

  • To freely switch between two players, go to the game select screen and highlight “erase data”, then press: B, A, Down, B, Up, Down, Down, Y, A
  • To Unlock the Music Test section, highlight “erase data” and then press: Down, A, R, B, Y, Down, A, Y, Select

While the intro screen is playing, press: Down, Y, Down, Down, Y.

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