Obsidian Survival Game Grounded Will Hit Early Access in July

Grounded, the survival adventure game from Obsidian, will enter Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access on July 28.Announced during today’s Inside Xbox broadcast, the game will be available as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Grounded is a survival game with a Honey I Shrunk the Kids set-up – you (and up to three others) play as teenagers shrunken to less than the size of ants. You’ll need to harvest materials and craft weapons and defenses, while fighting off waves of marauding bugs. It’s primary difference form other survival games of its ilk is that it will weave an evolving story into the game as you play.When IGN saw an early demo last year, we said, “There’s a lot of potential in its tiny world – it’s a unique take on a popular genre, and the world they’ve built is engaging and genuinely pretty.”

Made by only a small team of around 14, Grounded is the first Obsidian game since the traditionally RPG-focused developer was acquired by Microsoft (although it was already work on the project before the acquisition).

Joe Skrebels is the executive news editor at IGN.

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