Out of the Park Baseball Go is a Pocket-Sized Version of the Classic Management Game

If you want to manage a baseball team on the go, then your options have been pretty minimal. Have been, because Out of the Park Baseball Go has just launched on Android, bringing with it an in-depth management experience that you can lose years of your life to.

The game is packed full of features, and lets you take control of historical rosters from as far back as 1901. That’s blummin’ years, that is. There’s a Franchise mode, a Perfect Team mode and loads more beside. All in the palm of your clammy hands.

Basically, if you’re looking for a baseball management simulator, this is the one you should be going for. It’s in-depth to the point of being obsessional, letting you micro-manage right down to the pitch-by-pitch level.

You can get three seasons for free – 1996, 1977, and 1921, but you’ll have to buy an IAP to get the rest of them. You’ll also need to make a purchase to get the full KBO rosters.

If any of that sounds like it’s going to tickle your fancy, click here to grab Out of the Park Baseball Go from the Play Store right this second. It’ll be a home run. That’s about the limit of our baseball terminology.

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