PS5 News: Where to Watch the Reveal Announcement

PlayStation 5 is a getting a system architecture ‘deep dive’ livestream today, hosted by Sony designer Mark Cerny – and we’ll be watching it and updating you live.The PS5 ‘deep dive’ will go live at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 4pm UK (that’s 3am AEDT on March 19), on the PlayStation Blog, or on YouTube.

The show will be livestreamed, and we’ll be updating this story live as we watch it, and we’ll have the video on-site for you to watch as soon as it’s available.

As for what might be in the show, a now-deleted Sony tweet indicated that this would be a replacement for Sony’s GDC showing. That show is developer-focused, perhaps indicating a more technical look at the console’s specifications (as we saw from Microsoft’s Xbox Series X earlier this week).

Is it too much to hope we’ll see what the non-devkit version looks like? Perhaps, but we can dream.

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