Resident Evil 2 Demo Now Features Resident Evil 3 Tease

With the official announcement of Resident Evil 3’s remake arriving in early 2020, developer Capcom has updated the demo for Resident Evil 2 to include a small audible teaser for the upcoming game.Last year’s ‘1-Shot Demo‘ was released prior to Resident Evil 2 and gave players an opportunity to play through the opening sequence. The caveat, however, was that the demo only lasted for 30 minutes. After the in-game timer ran out, players were unable to play through the demo again. Now, the time limit has been lifted, allowing players to play through it multiple times, and also includes a reference to the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake. Originally spotted by a user named Lady Bow on Resetera, players can now hear RE3’s infamous Nemesis enemy scream, “STAAARS” outside the Raccoon City Police Department’s front gates.

You can find a video clip of the new audio here.That’s not the only new addition to Resident Evil 2, though. The campaign also recently added a letter left behind by Jill Valentine, the protagonist of the upcoming remake. Players who discover this letter will be awarded with a new achievement titled ‘Chasing Jill’ in-game. This is fitting as Resident Evil 3’s story takes place both before and after the events of Resident Evil 2.Resident Evil 3 launches April 3, 2020, and includes the new asymmetrical multiplayer mode Project Resistance.

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