Resident Evil 3 Complete Walkthrough, Tips, and Guide

Resident Evil 3 is a remake of the 1999 game of the same title and while there’s plenty that will be familiar for fans of the original, this remake features plenty of new things for new and returning players to discover.

It also has plenty of puzzles to solve, weapons to discover, key items to find, and zombies to kill. Solve each puzzle and discover each item’s location with ease with IGN’s Resident Evil 3 Wiki Guide. Below, you’ll find a walkthrough, tips, how-to guides for some questions you might have, things the game doesn’t tell you, key item locations, puzzle solutions and more.

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Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough

The sections below are live, screenshot-filled guides that offer strategies and a straightforward walkthrough of each objective and area in the game. Each guide also points out the items to find along the way.

Prologue – Downtown



Nemesis Boss Fight 1

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Downtown Again

Police Station

Subway Tunnels

Nemesis Boss Fight 2

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Underground Warehouse


Nemesis Boss Fight 3

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Nemesis Boss Fight 4

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Tips and Tricks

Whether this is your first time through Resident Evil 3’s Raccoon City or your tenth, there’s always something new to learn. Check out our Tips and Tricks hub for everything you need to know before jumping in. We’ve also got a page dedicated to things the game doesn’t tell you.

How-To Guides

You’ll likely come up with a number of questions you need answers to as you play through Resident Evil 3. We’ve got how-to guides for all of those questions and more.

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Key Item Locations Guide

Resident Evil 3 is filled to the brim with Key Items and while some of them will be presented in a more obvious manner, others will be quite elusive. The Key Item Locations Guide section of the IGN Resident Evil 3 guide has the location to every single Key Item in the game.

Puzzle Solutions Guide

As you’d expect with a Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 3 features many intricate puzzles that you’ll need to solve not only to advance the game’s story, but to find some of the game’s most elusive items. The Puzzle Solutions Guide of the IGN Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough and Wiki Guide has every solution to every puzzle in the game.

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Cheats and Secrets

Resident Evil 3 is chock full of cheat-y things, codes for things life safes and locks you can look up to open early, a ton of unlockable weapons and outfits, and Easter eggs, including references to Mega Man and Street Fighter you just gotta see.

Other Helpful Guide Sections

Resident Evil 3 contains cheats, secrets, safes to open, weapons to find, weapon mods to equip and so much more. Below we’ve listed the other helpful guide sections of the IGN Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough and Wiki Guide and if you’re hoping to 100% complete Resident Evil 3, we recommend referring back to these pages often.

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This guide was written by writers Wesley LeBlanc, Samuel Claiborn, and Max Scoville.


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