Side Quests – Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki Guide

Quest Trade Details / Rewards Motostoke Trade Bunnelby for Skwovet
  • Skowovet named Cheekers
  • Lvl. 10
  • Ability: Cheek Pouch
  • Dynamax Lvl. 1
Find Minccino Side Quest
  • Throat Spray: A (Held Item) Raises Sp. Atk when a Pokémon uses a sound-based move.
Turffield Turffield Riddle Hidden Treasure Side Quest
  • Expert Belt: Held item. Boosts the power of supereffective moves.
Trade Galarian Meowth for Regular Meowth
  • Meowth named Cash
  • Lvl. 18
  • Holds Sitrus Berry
  • Ability: Technician
  • Dynamax Lvl. 1
Hulbury Trade Minccino for Cottonee
  • Cottonee named Candyfloss
  • Lvl. 23
  • Ability: Prankster
  • Dynamax Lvl. 1
Hammerlocke Deliver the Letter Side Quest
  • Choice Scarf: a held item boosts Speed but only allows the use of one move.
  • Reaper Cloth: (Note: You have to return to where the little girl once stood to get this item). Held Item. It’s imbued with horrifyingly strong spiritual energy and loved by a certain Pokemon.
Trade Toxel for Togepi
  • Togepi named Snips
  • Lvl. 25
  • Ability: Serene Grace
  • Dynamax Lvl. 1
Give Applin Away Side Quest
  • Your Applin Pokemon back!
  • Tart Apple (Sword) or Sweet Apple (Shield): an item used to evolve Applin.
Stow-on-Side Trade Maractus for Hatenna or Impidimp Sword

  • Hatenna named Fringe
  • Lvl. 30
  • Ability: Unburden


  • Impidimp named Peepers
  • Lvl. 30
  • Ability: Prankster
  • Dynamax Lvl 1
Ballonlea Clothes With a Fiery Spirit Side Quest Trade Galarian Yamask for regular Yamask
  • Yamask named Masky
  • Lvl. 35
  • Ability: Mummy
  • Dynamax lvl 2
Circhester Trade Vanillish for Throh or Sawk Sword

  • Throh named Reddos
  • Lvl. 37 Inner Focus ability


  • Sawk named Blubop
  • Lvl. 37
  • Ability: Sturdy
  • Dynamax Lvl 2
Spikemuth Trade Obstagoon for Kantonian Mr. Mime
  • Mr. Mime named Mymo
  • Lv. 40
  • Ability: Soundproof
  • Dynamax Lvl 1
Wyndon Trade Frosmoth for Duraludon
  • Duraludon named Linear
  • Lv. 50
  • Ability: Heavy Metal
  • Dynamax Lvl. 3

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