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Surprise Trade Christmas[edit]

Surprise Trade Christmas is an unofficial, community-driven, Event happening in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The community expects many kids to get Pokemon Sword and Shield as a Christmas Gift so the idea is to Surprise Trade great Pokemon on December 25, 2019 so kids can start off with a wonderful team. The image below has been circulated by users on Twitter.

Good Pokemon to Surprise Trade[edit]

Tip: You don’t have to catch the Pokemon you surprise trade. The best and easiest way to get specific Pokemon is to Breed your Pokemon. Those who are already into breeding can give away their “breedjects” (Pokemon that don’t have perfect IVs, aren’t shiny, etc). And those new to breeding can learn all about it with our breeding guide!

What is Surprise Trade?[edit]

Surprise Trade is a new feature/mechanic but it’s similar to Wonder Trades from previous Pokemon games. This unique kind of trade involves you picking any Pokemon, from any box, and putting it up to Trade. You don’t know what you’re going to get back and that’s the Surprise!

This is unlike regular trades, where you agree to what you’re getting beforehand.

Surprise Trade works locally or online.


How to do a Surprise Trade – Online or Locally[edit]

Below are the steps you need to take to do Surprise Trade.

  1. Press Y to open the Y-Comm menu.
  2. Press + while in the Y-Comm menu to switch between Local and Online connection.
  3. Choose “Start Trading” to be paired with a random person.
  4. Select the Pokemon you want to trade. You can pick any Pokemon from any box.
  5. The menu will close automatically to start searching for someone to trade with.
  6. When the trade is complete you will be notified in the lower left-hand corner. Open the Y-Comm again to see what you got!

Surprise Trade Tips and Things You Should Know[edit]

Here are some things you should know about trading in Pokemon:

  • If a Pokemon is nicknamed, you won’t be able to change the nickname once it’s traded to you.
  • If a Pokemon is overleveled when it’s traded to you, it may not listen to you until you earn enough Gym Badges.
  • Pokemon that are traded to you earn bonus EXP!
  • Pokemon that are traded to you will have a base level of friendliness towards you. You’ll have to increase its friendliness from scratch.
  • Surprise Trade is a great way to possibly get Pokemon that aren’t in your game (i.e Sword and Shield Version Exclusives), Pokemon with Rare Spawn Rates, all the starter Pokemon, great Pokemon (like Ditto, who is perfect for Breeding), and even shinies! While you might get something disappointing you can also get something fantastic.

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