Switch Update Finally Lets You Remap Controllers

The latest Nintendo Switch

system update will, finally, let players remap their controllers.Nintendo revealed the patch notes for Ver. 10.0.0 of the Switch firmware, with this new update focused on improving the user-friendly experience of the Switch.

The main feature that has arrived with this update is the ability to remap your controllers, which is a leap forward for accessibility on the platform. Some of the features of this new remapping system include the ability to change analog stick and button configurations, with the ability to save up to five custom configurations on the system which can be swapped out per the needs of whoever is using the console.Controllers that can be fully remapped include the left and right Joy-Cons, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and the buttons on the Nintendo Switch Lite system. If you’ve ever wanted to swap the A and B buttons on menus to make the Switch feel more like a Western controller, now’s your chance! It also means that using split Joy-Cons can now become a more intricate, given that you can customize inputs for every part of the controller, even the side buttons – that setup now has four extra potential buttons.

You should be prompted to initiate the update when you start a new game but, if not, make sure to head into the settings menu and then find the System tab, where you can force your console to perform the system update. If not, Nintendo suggests restarting your console.Other updates that have arrived alongside controller remapping in Ver 10.0.0 include a feature that lets players bookmark news items and transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card.

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Jordan Oloman is a freelance journalist for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

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