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There are a dozen different types of Temtem in the game and it’s important for your journey that you learn which types stack up against each other best. This is because type advantage and disadvantage knowledge is key to your victory.

The chart below has each type of Temtem laid out clearly as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with each. Keep in mind, a Tetem’s type can be different from the type of moves it can use, so pay attention to both Temtem types and Technique type.

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Visual Temtem Type Chart and Key[edit]

Type Chart by Type[edit]

Types Does Double Damage Against Takes Double Damage From Does Half Damage Against Takes Half Damage From
Crystal Electric, Mental Earth, Fire, Melee Earth, Fire Electric, Mental, Toxic
Digital Digital, Melee, Mental Digital, Electric, Water None Toxic
Earth Crystal, Electric, Fire Melee, Nature, Water, Wind Nature, Water, Wind Electric, Fire, Crystal, Toxic
Electric Digital, Mental, Water, Wind Crystal, Earth Crystal, Earth, Electric, Electric, Wind
Fire Crystal, Nature Earth, Water Earth, Fire, Water Crystal, Fire, Nature
Melee Crystal, Earth Digital, Mental Melee, Mental Melee
Mental Melee, Neutral Crystal, Digital, Electric Crystal Melee, Neutral
Nature Earth, Water Fire, Toxic Fire, Nature, Toxic Earth, Electric, Nature, Water
Neutral None Mental Mental None
Toxic Nature, Water Wind Crystal, Digital, Earth, Toxic Water, Nature, Toxic
Water Digital, Earth, Fire Electric, Nature, Toxic Nature, Toxic, Water Earth, Fire, Water
Wind Earth, Toxic Electric Electric, Wind Earth, Win

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Temtem Species

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