The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 10: Santa Barbara – 2425 Constance

This The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough for Chapter 10: Santa Barbara – 2425 Constance explains where to find a special house and has every collectible location which include just 1 artifact.

2425 Constance Walkthrough

Interact with the graffiti to learn more about the area. Go to 2425 Constance. To find it, look at the street to find which side has odd numbers and notice if they are going up or down. Follow accordingly, exactly as you would in real life. Look for the house numbers.

Artifact – ???

Some infected will appear, take them down. More of them are inside the house they wandered out of. Go in to kill them and loot for supplies if you’d like as well as a note on the toilet in the bathroom. You can’t view your backpack so there is no way to know the name of this item.

Enter 2425 Constance by going to the garage door and crawling through. Search the rooms to trigger Lev’s suggestion that there’s a mark by the bookshelf. Move it and go downstairs. Interact with the radio for a cutscene leading into the next section Santa Barabara – Pushing Inland.

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