Unboxing the Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud vs Sephiroth TCG Starter Set

With the upcoming release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake

game, the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game showcases some of your favorite characters in the latest Cloud Vs Sephiroth Two-Player starter set. That’s right! The set has two new decks, so you can duke it out Final Fantasy-style with a buddy. What’s great about this starter set is that it has some rare cards that will be great for the upcoming competitive scene when the 11th set, Soldier’s Return, releases. It won’t be tough to find those cards with this set, so the barrier to entry is a little easier. A nice touch to this starter set is the inclusion of one full art card of Cloud and Sephiroth that are only available through the starter set.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Vs Sephiroth: Two Player FFTCG Starter Set

In addition to Cloud and Sephiroth, the starter set features characters from the Final Fantasy 7 universe like Azul (Dirge of Cerberus), Kadaj (Advent Children), and Zack (Crisis Core) among other popular 7 characters.

The Final Fantasy TCG Cloud vs Sephiroth Starter Set comes with:

  • Two 50 Preconstructed decks (Cloud & Sephiroth)
  • Two starter guides

Cloud Deck (Fire/Earth)

  • [11-136S] Cloud x 3
  • [11-135S] Vincent x 3
  • [4-075H] Vincent x 3
  • [4-076R] Wedge x 2
  • [4-082C] Jessie x 3
  • [5-082C] Miner x 2
  • [8-085C] Marlene x 2
  • [6-075R] Titan x 3
  • [11-131S] Barret x 3
  • [11-132S] Red XIII x 3
  • [1-016C] Tifa x 3
  • [10-007H] Zack x 3
  • [10-009C] SOLDIER: 3rd Class x 3
  • [1-003C] Red Mage x 3
  • [1-010C] Black Mage x 2
  • [2-005C] Sage x 3
  • [3-020H] Phoenix x 3
  • [11-139S] Aerith x 3

Sephiroth Deck (Ice/Lightning)

  • [11-138S] Sephiroth x 3
  • [11-137S] Azul x 3
  • [3-099R] Angeal Penance x 3
  • [1-121C] Red Mage x 2
  • [4-120R] Restrictor x 2
  • [8-110R] Reno x 2
  • [9-098C] Reeve x 2
  • [7-103C] Ramuh x 3
  • [11-134S] Don Corneo x 3
  • [11-133S] Cait Sith x 3
  • [3-040C] DGS Trooper 1st Class x 3
  • [3-041C] Deepground Soldier x 3
  • [3-042C] Deepground Soldier x 3
  • [10-034H] Sephiroth x 3
  • [4-030C] Black Mage x 3
  • [7-028C] Black Mage x 3
  • [8-032R] Shiva x 3
  • [11-140S] Kadaj x 3

The Final Fantasy TCG Cloud vs Sephiroth Starter Set is available now. With the always unique starter cards and other competitive rare cards, this dual pack is a great way to jump into the game. If you’re looking for a Final Fantasy tabletop fix in the meantime, Chocobo Crystal Hunt is out now as well as the Chocobo Party Up! board game.

Mike Mamon is a Syndication Editor at IGN and loving FFXIV Shadowbringers. Follow him on Twitter @xpmnms

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