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When it comes to being successful in Valorant, communicating with teammates is key. Things happen quickly, so the best way to get information across to your teammates is using common callouts used by the community. Below will list some general callouts you can use on any maps.

General Valorant Callouts[edit]

  • “Enemy Heaven”: Heaven, on any map, is usually going to be the highest point near the bomb site. A map like Split may have two heavens, but you can then just specify which bomb site when saying it.
  • “CT Spawn”: CT Spawn is just a quick way of talking about the defenders spawn. Why CT? Well, that goes back to Valorant’s similarities to CS:GO it is an abbreviated version of Counter-Terrorist and for now has found it’s way int Valorant meta
  • “[Bomb Site] Short”: All bomb sites in Valorant will have multiple ways to access them. Most people will describe one side as short so be sure to use our specific map callout guides to learn the short side of each bomb site.
  • “[Bomb Site] Long”: Just like the bomb site short listed above, long is very similar and will be just the opposite side of short. Below will be an example of short and long on the map Haven.

For specific callouts of each map available currently in Valorant, be sure to visit the guide for Haven, Split, and Bind right here on IGN.

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