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The list below incorporates all known Villagers that have been spotted in trailers, press kit renders, and other imagery that has been revealed so far. Please not that while this is not the full list – all previous animal types are confirmed to reappear in New Horizons – any new animal types have not been revealed yet

Every Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager

Villagers in Bold are new to the series

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Alligators Anteaters Bears Birds Bulls
Cats Chickens Cows Cubs Deer
Dogs Ducks Eagles Elephants Frogs
Goats Gorillas Hamsters Hippos Horses
Kangaroos Koalas Lions Mice Monkeys
Octopi Ostriches Penguins Pigs Rabbits
Rhinos Sheep Squirrels Tigers Wolves
Curt Teddy New Bear


Kiki Lolly Olivia Rosie New Cat
Pekoe Stitches Tammy New Cub
Beau Fauna Fuchsia Lopez
Butch Goldie
Bill Molly
Amelia Apollo Avery Buzz Celia
Frank Keaton Pierce Sterling
Chevre New Goat
Cesar Peewee
Colton Julian New Horse
Carrie Kitt
Bettina Chadder Greta Penelope Rod
Marina Octavian Zucker
Blanche Cranston Flora Gladys Julia
Phil Phoebe Queenie Sandy Sprocket
Aurora Cube Friga Hopper Roald
Agnes Chops Kevin Pancetti Truffles
Bonbon Bunnie Carmen Chrissy Claude
Coco Cole Doc Dotty Francine
Gabi Gaston Genji Hopkins Mira
O’Hare Pippy Ruby Snake Tiffany
Hornsby Merengue Renée Rhonda Spike
Baabara Cashmere Curlos Eunice Frita
Muffy Pietro Timbra Stella Vesta
Wendy Willow New Sheep
Agent S Blaire Cally Caroline Filbert
Hazel Marshal Mint Nibbles Peanut
Pecan Poppy Ricky Sally Sheldon
Static Sylvana Tasha
Bangle Bianca Claudia Leonardo Rolf
Rowan Tybalt
Chief Dobie Fang Freya Kyle
Lobo Skye Vivian Whitney Wolfgang
New Wolf

While we haven’t seen all the new special characters and shop owners so far, a couple have already been revealed:

  • Tom Nook
  • Timmy
  • Tommy
  • Isabelle
  • K. K. Slider
  • Mable
  • Sable
  • Labelle
  • Blathers
  • Celeste
  • Saharah
  • Wisp
  • Kicks
  • Dodo Airlines Crew

In addition, Japanese stickers for the back of the Nintendo Switch that were revealed showcase many more unannounced special characters that appear to be taking over the roles of previous special event characters. These include a younger looking boar carrying turnips – assumed to taking over for Joan, a smaller looking beaver that may be taking over fishing contests for Chip, a red reptile that appears to be in charge of bug-catching tournaments.

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