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Getting Started[edit]

Starting a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake game will prompt you to choose a difficulty and style between Easy, Normal, and Classic Mode. You can change this at will, so don’t worry about it too much. Start with these helpful guides:

Cloud Strife, a mercenary, is hired by a group named Avalanche to help them blow up Mako Reactor 1. Their goal is to stop the Shinra Electric Power Company from destroying the planet.

Avalanche flees through a passageway that leads to Sector 8. Shaken by the devastation wrought by the explosion, the group heads for the base in Sector 7


Chapter 2 Materia, Weapons, and accessories Checklist:[edit]

Healing Materia[edit]

Deadly Dodge Materia[edit]

HP UP Materia[edit]

Their mission concluded, Cloud and the others disembark at the Sector 7 slums. Situated below the plate, no natural sunlight reaches the town, but despite its bleak appearance, this is where the members of Avalanche call home.

Chapter 3 Materia, weapons, and accessories Checklist:[edit]

Ice Materia ✓[edit]

Assess Materia ✓[edit]

Cloud‘s Iron Blade ✓[edit]

Fire Materia (Side Quest) ✓[edit]

Note: There are more weapons, accessories, and Materia in the Sector 7 shops.

Cloud agrees to help Jessie with a secret job topside in Sector 7.

Chapter 4 Materia, weapons, and accessories Checklist:[edit]

Ifrit Summon Materia ✓[edit]

Revival Materia ✓[edit]

Barrier Materia ✓[edit]

Luck Up Materia ✓[edit]

Cloud joins the mission to blow up Mako Reactor 5. The team boards the train for Sector 4, nervous about the mission to come.

Chapter 5 Materia, Weapons, and accessories Checklist:[edit]

Healing Materia ✓[edit]

Star Pendant ✓[edit]

Leather Bracer ✓[edit]

Tifa’s Metal Knuckles ✓[edit]

Barret, Cloud, and Tifa follow the secret passageway from the corkscreq tunnel until they reach the interior of the Sector 4 plate. Mako Reactor 5 is now closer than ever, but they still must make their way through the rusted maintenance area.

Chapter 6 Materia, Weapons, and accessories Checklist:[edit]

Chocobo & Moogle Summon Materia ✓[edit]

MP Up Materia ✓[edit]

Elemental Materia ✓[edit]

Mesmeric Armlet ✓[edit]

Barret’s Light Machine Gun ✓[edit]

Despite unforeseen obstacles forcing many changes to the plan, the three have made it inside Mako Reactor 5. Determined to make the second bombing operation a success, the group heads for the reactor’s core.

Chapter 7 Materia, Weapons, and accessories Checklist:[edit]

Magic Up Materia ✓[edit]

Lightning Materia ✓[edit]

Bulletproof Vest ✓[edit]

Tifa’s Sonic Strikers ✓[edit]

Cloud wakes up on a bed of yellow flowers. There, inside the church, he reunites with someone…

Chapter 8 Materia, Weapons, and accessories Checklist:[edit]

Pray Materia ✓[edit]

Refocus Materia ✓[edit]

Talisman ✓[edit]

Caliginous Bracelet ✓[edit]

MP Up Materia ✓[edit]

Chakra Materia ✓[edit]

Studded Bracer (Paying Respects Side Quest) ✓[edit]

Protective Boots (Weapon on a Rampage Side Quest) ✓[edit]

Cloud’s Nail Bat (Kids on Patrol Side Quest) ✓[edit]

Moogle Medal Merchant ✓[edit]

Chadley (to turn in Battle Intel Quests) ✓[edit]

Cloud must go to Wall Town for a rescue mission. Shenanigans ensue.

Chapter 9 Materia, Weapons, and Side Quest Checklist:[edit]

Binding Materia ✓[edit]

Magnify Materia ✓[edit]

Star Pendant ✓[edit]

Chadley (to turn in Battle Intel Quests) ✓[edit]

Shiva Summon Materia (VR Mission) ✓[edit]

Fat Chocobo Summon Materia (VR Mission) ✓[edit]

Item Master Materia (Battle Intel) ✓[edit]

Headband ✓[edit]

Clarity Pendant (Colosseum) ✓[edit]

Cloud Limit Break: Ascension (Colosseum) ✓[edit]

Aerith Limit Break: Planet’s Protection (Colosseum) ✓[edit]

Arcane Scepter Weapon (A Dynamite Body Side Quest) ✓[edit]

Luck Up Materia (Squats) ✓[edit]

Champion Belt (Squats) ✓[edit]

Fury Ring ✓[edit]

Otherworldly Crystal ✓[edit]

Falling through Corneo’s trapdoor, Cloud and the others find themselves in the sewers below Sector 6. If the plan to bring down part of the plate is true, then the Sector 7 slums are in grave danger. Scared and shaken, the party sets out into the underground sewer system.

Chapter 10 Materia, Weapons, and Equipment Checklist:[edit]

Feathered Gloves ✓[edit]

Poison Materia ✓[edit]

Warding Materia ✓[edit]

When the group finally crawls out of the sewer system, they find themselves amidst the train graveyard in Sector 7. Not knowing who or what to believe, and uneasy about the uncertain future, they hurry toward what they believe to be the exit.

Chapter 11 Materia, Weapons, and accessories Checklist:[edit]

Materia ✓[edit]

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