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Temtem has had many alphas over the past few months but the game launched into early access on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020. Six Airborne Archipelago islands are available for exploration in this version of the game but only 76 of the game’s over 160 Temtem will be in the world for tamers to catch.

The full game is expected to launch in May of 2020. As such, this walkthrough, including the list of Temtem Species and more, will continue to be updated over the coming months as additional updates are pushed into the game.

Getting Started[edit]

When you first launch Temtem, you’ll see on the screen a New Game option above a Settings option. If you want to adjust settings like the game’s audio and visual, select settings. Once you’re ready to go, hit New Game and you’ll immediately be brought to a character creation screen.

Here, you’ll select your character’s body, head, hair, top, bottom, bag and name.

At the name screen, you can type in a name for your character, select their pronouns (she/her, he/him and they/them) and their voice sound. Once you’re happy with your character, hit finish and your Temtem journey will begin.



Zadar is the opening area of Temtem and it’s where your character lives. You won’t spend much time here in the beginning but you can come back to this town throughout your journey. At the game’s start, the only things you’ll be doing in Zadar are selecting your starter Temtem and having your first battle.

The Zadar section of this walkthrough will walk you through everything you do in this town.

Prasine Coast[edit]

Shortly after you exit the town of Zadar, you’ll embark through the Prasine Coast. This is your first route where untamed Temtem and tamers will appear. It’s also where you’ll find your first item chest and mini-temporium.

The Prasine Coast section of this walkthrough will walk you through everything you need to do to make it to the next section of the game.

Brical de Mar[edit]

Brical de Mar is the second town in the game and where you’ll meet the game’s first dojo. Don’t worry; you won’t have to fight her. She’ll just give you a tour of the town, a task or two, and then you’ll be free to continue your adventure.

The Brical de Mar section of this walkthrough will help you complete the assigned tasks in this town, including the first side quest in the game.

Thalassian Cliffs[edit]

The Thalassian Cliffs is the largest section in the game so far featuring many tamers, new types of Temtem, numerous items to find and a winding path through a windy cliff side overlooking the island.

The Thalassian Cliffs section of this walkthrough will tell you where every tamer is, where all of the item chests lie and more.


Arissola is the second town in the game and home to the dojo of Sophia. Unfortunately for you, Sophia isn’t in town and it’ll be up to you to determine where she is in the world.

The Arissola section of this walkthrough will tell you everything you need to know about this town.

Gifted Bridges[edit]

Once it’s time to go after Sophia, you’ll begin your journey through the Gifted Bridges. This is an ancient area filled with untamed Temtem and plenty of tamers to fight. There is also a mini-temporium here.

The Gifted Bridges section of this walkthrough will show you where to go and where to find every item on this ancient path way.

Windward Fort[edit]

The Windward Fort is the destination your journey along the Gifted Bridges will take you to and it’s where Sophia can be found. This is the largest area in the game this far in your journey and it’s filled with items, untamed Temtem, tamers and mazes for you to traverse.

The Windward Fort section of this walkthrough will get you through the fort’s confusing maze and help you find every item along the way.

Lady Lottie Battle[edit]

Lady Lottie is the final tamer to fight in the Windward Fort. Why she’s at the fort is critical to the story so we won’t spoil here what she’s up to.

The Lady Lottie Battle section of this guide has everything you need to know about this battle to ensure you come out the victorious tamer.

Dojo Battle: Sophia[edit]

Sophia is the first dojo master you fight in the game and she’s one of the toughest opponents yet. Our Dojo Battle: Sophia page will tell you everything you need to know.

We’ll break down everything you need to know about the Dojo Battle: Sophia, including all of the tamers to fight within and the items hidden about, as well as what Sophia’s squad is and what moves you can expect from them.


Turquesa is the next stop in your Temtem journey after defeating Sophia. Getting there requires the use of the surfboard you should have in your inventory now.

This page, Turquesa, will break down everything you need to know about the island city, including its surroundings like the Aguamarina Cave and Sillaro River.


The Narwhal is your ticket to other islands in the Airborne Archipelagos. It’s an airship that will take you from place to place, but only if you have what the captain requires.

The Narwhal page of this guide will break down everything you need to know about this airship, including what to do once you’re on it.


Nanga is the first city you’ll reach on your journey through Omninesia, the second airborne land of the Airborne Archipelagos.

The Nanga portion of this guide will get you exactly where you need to go when you reach this city, including where the Temporium is located.

The Canopath[edit]

The Canopath is your next step after Nanga and it will take you directly to Mokupuni. It’s a leaf-covered pathway filled with tamers and new Temtem alike.

The Canopath portion of this guide will tell you where every tamer and item can be found, as well as how to get to next step of your main quest.


Mokupuni is the second city of Omninesia and it plays a big role in the story of your journey. You’ll fight another dojo here and learn about the many layers of Omninesia.

The Mokupuni page of this guide will break down what you need to know about the city and how to advance the story.

Dojo Battle: Rawiri[edit]

Dojo Battle: Rawiri is the second dojo fight in your journey thus far and it’s one of the toughest yet. This dojo doesn’t have many tamers but the tamers it does have pose a real challenge, much like the dojo master.

This Dojo Battle: Rawiri page will break down everything you need to know about this fight including where the tamers are, what chest you can find and what Rawiri’s squad looks like.

Citerior Omninesia[edit]

Citerior Omninesia is the second layer of Omninesia and it requires the use of an elevator. It brings a brand new environment to the game and that means more tamers and Temtem for you to encounter.

Follow the Citerior Omninesia page of this guide to learn everything you need to know about this unique location.

The Flywalk[edit]

The Flywalk is the first portion of your journey through Citerior Omninesia and it’s filled with items and tamers alike. It’s a branching pathway that can be confusing to converse but we’ve got you covered.

Follow The Flywalk page of this guide to navigate your way to the end of this area.

Ulterior Omninesia[edit]

After traversing The Flywalk, you’re given the ability to go to Ulterior Omninesia. It’s the largest area in Temtem so far and this guide will break down everything you need to know about its two sections.

The Hangroad[edit]

The Hangroad is very similar to The Flywalk except this section has even more tamers for you to defeat, including some Belsoto Clan members you’ve been tasked with ambushing.

This page will get you through every tamer so that you ambush the Belsoto swimmers when the time is right.

Giant Banyan[edit]

Your entire journey on Omninesia had led to this. It’s finally time to storm Giant Banyan.

This page will walk you through the Belsoto Clan’s villainous fortress known as Giant Banyan.

Anak Volcano[edit]

The Anak Volcano is not doing great and it’s up to you to figure out why. This is the first environment where you can capture Fire-type Temtem and this guide will not only show you where those are, but where all of the tamers and items are hidden within.

Dr. Hamijo[edit]

Dr. Hamijo is one of the toughest adversaries you’ll face in Temtem but fortunately for you, this page has everything you need to know about the fight including what his squad looks like and what moves you can expect his Temtem to use.

The Glassyway[edit]

The Glassyway is one of the final new areas on Omninesia for you to explore. It’s short but it has plenty of hidden secrets.

This page of the guide will show you what all of those secrets are and then some.

Dojo Battle: Tihani[edit]

It’s time for what it is, by far, the toughest Temtem battle in the game so far: Dojo Battle: Tihani. Frankly put, Tihani will kick your butt but this guide will give you a look at what her squad looks like, what level her Temtem are, and what moves you can expect to see from them.

We also break down what her dojo looks like, including where the tamers and items are located.

Narwhal Attack[edit]

You’re finally back on the Narwhal and things are going great…until they aren’t. The Belsoto Clan strikes again and it’s up to you to stop their invasion on the airship.

You’ll be squaring off against Lady Lottie once more so get ready for some tough Temtem battles.


Tucma is the next Airborne Archipelago and it’s by far the largest in the game so far. It’s also the sight of the wrecked Narwhal.

This section of the game can be quite confusing but this guide will help you navigate the foggy shipwreck of your beloved airship.

Corrupted Badlands[edit]

When you finally make it out of the Narwhal shipwreck, you’ll enter the next area of the game: the Corrupted Badlands. This is one of the largest stretches of the game and surviving through it will be tough. With this IGN guide, you’re in good hands.

We’ll show you where every tamer is located and where all of the chests can be found.

Xolot Reservoir[edit]

When you finally make it out of the Corrupted Badlands, you’ll find yourself in the Xolot Reservoir. This section is dangerously poison but this page of the guide will get you to exactly where you need to go, poison-free.

Nahua Crater[edit]

After making your way out of the treacherous Xolot Reservoir, you’ll get a quick moment to breathe at Nahua Crater. There isn’t much here because it’s still a work-in-progress section as part of the game’s Early Access, but this page will show you where the area’s mini-temporium is located.

Mines of Mictlan[edit]

Shortly after leaving the Nahua Crater, you’ll be shown a cutscene that places you in a not-so-great situation. This section of the walkthrough is all about getting out of this area and our guide will take you to the end.

We’ll show you where every tamer is and tell you where every chest is located.


Quetzal is an underground city that plays a key part in the story. We won’t spoil it here but this part of the game is story-intensive and requires many steps on your end to complete.

Fortunately for you, our walkthrough will guide you through every step you need to take to complete this section.

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