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Wedding Season begins on June 1st, and an announcement will be made by Isabelle. After entering the game, you will receive a phone call from Harvey to join him on Photopia to help him out with a task. This event runs until the end of the month on June 30th, giving you ample time to complete tasks for rewards.

After getting a phone call from Harvey (you must have invited enough villagers to your island for Harvey to appear and introduce himself – thereby unlocking Photopia), head to the Dodo Airlines and ask to take a trip to “Harv’s Island” aka Photopia.

Harvey will be speaking to Reese and Cyrus – the owners of the Re-Tail shop from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The married couple is looking to get some photos for their anniversary, and Harvey will need your help decorating the perfect sets for them.

After you get acquainted, Reese will fill you in that she wants you to help structure a photo shoot to recreate scenes from their wedding. Helping with this, Cyrus has constructed special wedding-themed furniture you can use to help build the set out – located in the Event tab.

Cyrus will provide new types of event furniture each day you go back to photograph a new theme, so keep checking back for more rewards!


Each day, Reese will have a different photo theme that she’ll want you to construct, and they can include the following themes:

  • Ceremony (Chapel Theme)
  • Reception (Party Theme)

Reese will give you a few hints of the type of furniture or colors they want to have in the photo, so be sure to take these into account when you begin your decorating.

Remember – you can press X either when selecting furniture from storage or when highlighting items already placed to change their color if you see a paintbrush icon, which can help pick the right colors for what Reese is looking for.

Once you’ve decorated out your photo session to the best of your ability, talk to Reese again and let them know you’re ready to begin (taking photos before this point won’t actually count!)

Once you’ve gotten permission to become the photographer, enter photo mode and set up for a good looking shot of the couple (and press – to remove yourself from the shot too!). If she likes it, she’ll give you a new item from Cyrus, and they will all be wedding-themed!

Plus, you can also collect 10 Heart Crystals from Reese, which you can then trade to Cyrus for more rewards. This can be done once for each day of the month that you return to Harv’s Island to help them with more photoshoots.

Each time you complete a photoshoot request from Reese and Cyrus, you’ll receive a random wedding season-related item from Reese, as well as 10 Heart Crystals. You can then trade these to Cyrus on the spot for the following items:

Item Unlocked from Photo Theme Cost
Wedding Bench Ceremony 5 Heart Crystals
Wedding Decoration Ceremony 3 Heart Crystals
White Wedding Wall Ceremony 12 Heart Crystals
White Wedding Flooring Ceremony 12 Heart Crystals
Blue Wedding Rug Ceremony 4 Heart Crystals
Wedding Table Reception 6 Heart Crystals
Wedding Char Reception 3 Heart Crystals
Wedding-party Wall Reception 12 Heart Crystals

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