Weird West Announced As First Game from Former Dishonored Devs WolfEye Studios

During The Game Awards Thursday, publisher Devolver Digital and WolfEye Studios announced the new developer’s debut game, Weird West.

Weird West is described as “an action RPG experience set within a surreal vision of the developing frontier.” It will mix fantasy monsters with a darker take on western gunslingers and have an isometric, top-down view on the action below.

A press release accompanying the announcement also explained that “each journey is unique and tailored to the actions taken – a series of high stakes stories where everything counts and the world reacts to the choices you make.” This could imply it has some sort of replayable or roguelike structure, but that’s just my own speculation as it could easily mean it’s simply a linear game with reactive systems too.

WolfEye Studios was first revealed last month, formed by previous members of Dishonored’s Arkane Studios – most notably former President and Creative Director Raphael Colantonio and former Executive Producer Julien Roby.

Weird West Reveal Screenshots and Art

You can learn more about Weird West on its official site, though there’s no information yet on timing or platforms. We’ll have even more breaking announcements from The Game Awards. Also, Check out every new announcement from The Game Awards, including the first look at the Xbox Series X.
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