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This is IGN’s guide to finding each of the four Shells in Mortal Shell. Shells are like your class, and each one has its own unique stats and abilities that cater to different playstyles. Find out where to claim each shell using the guide below.

Harros, the Vassal

Harros’s Shell is encountered as soon as you exit the tutorial. Go through the crawl space in front of you, then take the path foward and look to your left. Harros will be leaning up against a rock at the dead end.

Solomon, the Scholar

Solomon’s Shell can be found by passing through a crawl space behind the Grishna boss fight. Exit the back door of the Fallgrim Tower, follow the corpse littered path to Grishna’s cave, then find the crawl space in the far back (you do not need to defeat Grishna to claim this Shell).

Eredrim, the Venerable

Eredrim’s Shell can be found slumped against a pillar in front of the Seat of Infinity temple. From Fallgrim Tower, head toward the Grishna boss fight cave. As soon as you enter the cave (whether Grishna is alive or not) take an immediate right and go through the crawl space in the corner. This will take you to an enemy camp, and a path leading to a cliff side that is crawling with enemy archers.

Make your way past the archers until you reach the lute player and two axe enemies. Go up the path behind them and you will find yourself on a high cliff overlooking a stone castle. Follow the path down and find Eredrim’s Shell next to a rock in front of the castle.

Tiel, the Acolyte


Tiel’s Shell can be found in the Fallgrim Outskirts, near the Crypt of Martyrs. From inside Fallgrim Tower, take a left at the Sester and exit the castle via the crawl space in the back. You will find yourself near a large knotted tree, a grunt, and an axe enemy. Drop down to the path below, you should land near a torch and inscription rock. 

Follow this path down (you should pass another torch and a locked chest) until your reach the lute player next to a Weltcap spawn. Take a left at the lute enemy and pass through the crawl space to arrive in the bat woods. Sneak behind the tree (past another Weltcap spawn) and take the downward sloping path on the right towards the graveyard. 

At the enemy camp, take a right and find the crawlspace that is covered by tree branches. Attack the branches then crawl inside to discover Tiel’s Shell , which is guarded by a minor boss the Ven Noctivagu. 

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