Where to Preorder iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini

The latest batch of Apple iPhone products are now available for preorder. With their 5G functionality and MagSafe accessories, the jump to iPhone 12 is somewhat more substantial of an upgrade than we’ve seen in the past few iterations.

Preorder Apple iPhone 12 Max Pro

Amazon has unlocked iPhone 12 Max Pro versions available for preorder right now in various configurations. Walmart, Apple and Best Buy’s landing pages are for specific carriers and the prices vary depending on terms and conditions.

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Preorder Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Just like its bigger sibling, Amazon’s offering unlocked iPhone 12 mini for preorder, and the other retailers have them linked to cellular carriers.

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The new line of iPhones work with Apple’s reincarnated MagSafe accessory line. If you remember those great charging connectors on older Apple MacBooks, the ones where you could trip on the cord and it would just fall out instead of destroying the cord, the connector and the computer, Apple’s revived it for the iPhone. You can buy MagSafe chargers at Amazon and pretty much everywhere else right now, although Amazon won’t have them in stock again until November 11 (you can still place an order, though).

Beyond 5G and MagSafe, there are quite a few meaningful upgrades to make the newest iPhone better than its predecessors, including LiDAR integration, the ability to shoot RAW photos, and more.

The iPhone 12 Max Pro and iPhone 12 mini release on November 13.

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